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    Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

    The final quick and easy treat for today is chocolate coated marshmallows.  The idea here is to get the delicious taste of a chocolate fountain treat without actually having to get out the chocolate fountain.  My kids love helping coat the marshmallows in chocolate. Simply melt chocolate – I melt the chocolate in the microwave and then use an electric melting pot so that the chocolate stays warm as we are making these and we do not have to rush to finish before the chocolate hardens.   Hold the marshmallow by one end and dunk the other into the melted chocolate.  Then place the half-coated marshmallow onto wax paper to…

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    Peppermint Bark

    Let’s begin with my son’s favorite, Peppermint Bark.  It’s funny that he likes this at all as he isn’t a big fan of peppermint in general and frequently finds minty flavors to be “too spicy”. Peppermint bark takes about 15 minutes to prepare and another 10 minutes to cool and it only requires 2 ingredients White Chocolate Candy Canes Note: You can use any type of candy cane, however I wouldn’t mix types in the same batch of bark as all types taste a bit different and might not blend very well. The first step is to smash the candy canes.  This step can be quite messy and quiet fun. …

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    Moose Munch

    Moose Munch Another addictive, and quick, holiday treat is Moose Munch. This scrumptious snack only requires 2 ingredients and some wax paper: caramel popcorn (without peanuts) melted chocolate While you could make the caramel popcorn yourself, the treat would then no longer a quick one to make, so let’s begin with purchased caramel corn.  I often stock up during the Cub Scouts annual popcorn sale. For this treat, I use a chocolate candy coating found in grocery stores, typically in the seasonal baking section.  I melt the chocolate using my microwave’s “melt chocolate” feature – but melting instructions should be listed on the package of chocolate. While the chocolate is…

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    Elf Bowling How to Create and Play

    The Elves were made by …. (insert picture of elves) On the red ball I used a black Sharpie to draw Santa’s iconic belt. We mark the line behind which the ball must be rolled using removable floor stickers from Oriental Trading Company.  In the past we have used the candy stickers, but after 3 years of use they need to be replaced so we plan to purchase the snowflake design this time.

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    How to host a gift exchange at a children’s Christmas Party

    On our invitations include a note to bring a gift of a specific price range if you would like to participate in the gift exchange.  I do this so someone doesn’t bring a 25 dollar gift and leave with one which cost 5 dollars. As guests with gifts for the exchange arrive for the party, we place a numbered sticker on each gift.  We also place a paper with a corresponding number into a Christmas stocking.  To separate the girls’ gifts from the boys’ gifts, we put different stickers on them, for example the gifts brought by girls get a snowman sticker and the gifts brought by boys get a…