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    Photo Booth

    The first thing you need to do is make sure the photo booth is somewhere it can be seen and the props are easy to see and select.  This may seem obvious, but the first year we included a photo booth in our party we had it located in what we thought was an obvious spot.  The problem was, the props weren’t quite as accessible as they should have been. This year our photo booth will be well marked with a sign my daughter made on an easel we still had from when they were smaller. The background is a red and green backdrop which can be purchased at Amazon…

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    Elf Bowling How to Create and Play

    The Elves were made by …. (insert picture of elves) On the red ball I used a black Sharpie to draw Santa’s iconic belt. We mark the line behind which the ball must be rolled using removable floor stickers from Oriental Trading Company.  In the past we have used the candy stickers, but after 3 years of use they need to be replaced so we plan to purchase the snowflake design this time.