Dining Room

Styled Bar Cart

I love this beautiful bar cart my parents gave me.  It has top and bottom shelves, both of which are leather covered.  It has a wine rack just below the top shelf.  I really love it.  But I’m not a big drinker, so going full bar-cart never seemed to be the right fit.  Instead I have always styled the cart for the current season.

After updating some dark colored candle sticks with white and gold gilding, I added a spring vase, and a piece of Mikasa stoneware.  The wine rack stores a few bottles of wine, and the bottom shelf houses my Mikasa wineglasses.  I love how these few updates refreshed my bar cart and helped get my dining room ready for spring.

To see how I refreshed the candlesticks, as well as a before look at them, please click here.

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