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Christmas party candy buffet

While I love the look of some of the elegant, completely color coordinated candy buffets, I will, as I always try to do, go with an approach that is practical as well as beautiful.

Typically around 30 children attend our annual Christmas party and because of this, gumballs and many of the hard candies that look so lovely in candy buffets are out.  I really don’t want to find gum and half eaten hard candies in my sofa for the next six months.

Our candy buffet feature more candies that kids actually like.  We have red and green M&Ms, Christmas Hershey’s Kisses, Christmas Hershey’s Hugs, homemade Peppermint Bark , homemade Moose Munch, homemade Chocolate Covered Marshmallows, and possibly a few varieties of bite sized candy bars which may, or may not, have been left over from Halloween.

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