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How to Make Your Outdoor Space More Inviting

If you and your family aren’t spending enough time outside, it might be because your garden just isn’t enticing enough. Happily, it’s pretty easy to transform a plain and boring outdoor space into one that is far more inviting. Just keep reading to find out how. 


Make sure there is somewhere comfortable to sit 


Probably, the most straightforward way of encouraging your household to spend more time in the garden is to make sure there is somewhere comfortable to sit. That means old-fashioned deck chairs, plastic garden chairs, and stone benches are out. Instead, why not consider a rattan sofa complete with outdoor cushions, or a hanging egg chair that allows the person using it to curl up and get cozy?


You can even get some great outdoor beanbags like this one



Inflatable furniture like the inflatable lounger pictured below is also a fun option.


These are not only super comfortable but look pretty cool as well. Of course, the most important thing here is that the people using them can sit and lounge comfortably in them for a decent period. After all, if you can make out of doors as comfy as indoors you will find getting everyone in the garden a breeze!


Create some shelter from the elements 


While we are on the subject of breezes, creating a way to shelter people using the garden from the weather is also a smart idea. In fact, if you have a way of spending time outside but not having to worry about rain, wind, or getting too much sun it will be much easier to get your family into the habit. 


Happily, there are several ways that you can do this. The first is by erecting a shelter like a sunroom or a conservatory. Although, this can be a pricey and time-consuming option. Alternatively, why not fit Patio blinds to a preexisting structure? You can get them in a range of colors and they are good for keeping bugs out too, while also creating a livable outdoor space in which to spend your time. 


Use lights to create an atmosphere 


We often pay a great deal of attention to the lighting we have indoors, but often forget to do the same in the garden. However, good lights can not only make an outside space safer but more investing as well. 




To that end, why not consider adding solar lights along pathways, as well as fairy light in the trees, which can add to the curb appeal of your home. Static lights that are positioned to shine on seating areas are a great way to ensure you can use your outside space at all times of the day too. 


Add in extras for fun 


There are so many extra things that you can place in your garden, but the secret is to match them with the needs and wants of the people that will be using them. 




For example, if you have younger kids then installing a climbing frame, sandpit or even a pool can be a smart way to encourage them to spend more time outside. However, if you are tailoring the space to adults things such as sun loungers, an outdoor kitchen, and even a tiki bar may be more appropriate.


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