Ultimate Way to Spend a Quiet Night at Home

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These days, many of us are spending more time alone. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Solitude is something that humans have sought out for thousands of years. 


But it does beg the question: how exactly should you spend your time? 


In this post, we take a look at some of the things that you can do when spending a quiet night in (which, let’s face it, is most nights nowadays). 


Get To Know Yourself


Great Greek philosophers, such as Socrates, understood the value of “knowing thyself.” What they meant by that was having an understanding of what makes you tick – the kind of animal you are. 


A night at home, therefore, is a great chance for you to do some journaling and think about who you are at your core. Ideally, you want to uncover new insights so you can choose the ideal direction for your life. 


Test Your Brain


How smart are you, really? Well, the honest answer is that you probably don’t know. And unless you test your brain, you’ll never find out. 

There are all sorts of ways you could intellectually stimulate yourself during a night at home. Puzzles on, for instance, test the logical parts of your brain. And courses on could help take your career skills a stage further. You could even do something creative, like learning to play the harp or stitching together a costume. 


Start Pampering Yourself



So few people in the modern world give themselves permission to enjoy themselves. For many, everything in life is about striving for the next goal or milestone. So much so, in fact, that they never really get to enjoy the here and now. 


One way to break out of this cycle is to start pampering yourself. It’s a critical part of self-care and can completely revitalize your mood. Before you go into a pampering session, you feel tense and stressed. When you come out of it, it’s like you’re a different person. Start at home by giving yourself a mini-makeover, an at home facial, a mani-pedi. Or, failing that, just take a long bath. You can find a great selection of bath bombs or bath salts by clicking the links.


Cook Yourself A Gourmet Dinner


Buffalo check, table decor, placemats, table runner, fabric pumpkin, thankful, gather


Still got time to burn? Why not practice the skills of cooking? Few things in life are more satisfying than preparing a delicious meal for yourself, just the way you like it. 


Try, if you can, to start with the basic ingredients. Avoid taking shortcuts by throwing things in the microwave. 


Also, try to create something that requires using a brand new culinary technique. Chopping and stir-frying are both essential skills. But what about broiling, using a mandolin, souffle-ing, and searing with a flame gun.  You can also check out some of the newer options to help in the kitchen like this Instant Pot or this Air Fryer.


Start a Home Improvement Project


Lowes, lighting, light fixture, rustic light, farmhouse light, dining room light


Home improvement projects can be major undertakings, simple changes, or anything in between.

I recently completed a renovation of my dining room, which you can check out here.  I am also in the process of updating my kitchen.  Check back soon for an update on how that’s going.


Find some Fun and Easy DIYs

Terra cotta look vase DIY

Finally, while you are home is a great time to work on some DIYs.

Check out how easy it is to turn ordinary glass vases into these lovely terra cotta look vases here.  Create this piece of wall decor yourself by following the instructions found here.  Or update the look of some old candlesticks with chalk paint like the ones found here.

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